13 August 2010


Dearest Bloggers,


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10 August 2010

I want...

Dearest Bloggers,

listen to the song when you are reading the blog.
I'm sure you will all understand and know the feeling.

Sometimes all I really want to do is sit beside you. I want to watch cheesy and crappy movies with you, and we will laugh at them togheter. I want to plan things with you, things we'll never do, but for some reason just planning them with you is fine with me. I want to talk to you about everything and anything. I want to goof around with you and make jokes that aren't funny but we'll laugh nonetheless.

I just want to fall in love with you over and over and maybe at one point we'll get tired of each other, but until then, I want you, and just you.

08 August 2010

New Ray-Ban look.

Let's have a new Ray-Ban look XD
your thoughts are always welcome.

06 August 2010

Two sorts of romantics.

“There are two sorts of romantics:

those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving”

(photo by Marc Lagrange)

05 August 2010

Rockstar 101

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I posted a videoclip of Rihanna,
called Rockstar 101.
Not because I thought that the melody was good, which
it is, but because I REALLY liked the clip.
Next year I wanne study film directing in Bruxelle
so I can make videoclips like this one.
Hope you enjoy it!!!

04 August 2010

New hair look!!!

My newest look.
Like Rihanna, in her clip; Te amo.
Shaved at the side
and short at the back
but long at the front.

22 July 2010

Gettin' over you

Dearest Bloggers,

I'm posting this new song by David Guetta
on my blog for two reasons.
The first one is because I really like the clip
and the second one and most important one is because of her.