30 April 2009

Today I feel very Shane.

Dearest Bloggers,

Today is the first day
since I started my blog,
I'm posting my outfit.
Nothing that special
very Kate Moennig.
(better known as Shane 
from the L Word)

So here is a little bit
information about my clothes.
The jeans is from Levi's,
the t-shirt and the hat are from Urban Outfitters,
the blazer comes from H&M
and the necklace comes from 
Paris(don't remember the shop)


Time for you.

Maybe it's time 
for me to fall in love.
Time to change, being me.
I feel like I'm
spinning around
and who else then you 
will save me from falling?
It's time but...
that doesn't mean 
I have to like it.

28 April 2009

Original birthday-present.

Dearest bloggers,

This board was a birthday-present 
for my best friend Latoya .

26 April 2009

Me, my camera and the sushi's: Part 2

Dearest bloggers,

Today I uploaded 
the second version
of the sushi-photo's.
These will be used 
for the official website.
So here are the ones I like most.
Hope you like them!

25 April 2009

Me, my camera and the sushi's

Dearest Bloggers,

Today was kind of a busy day.
Yesterday I went to a party
(see photo).
 Conclusion: I was really tired when 
I got up this morning.
But the show needed to go on.
So I began to study but
suddenly I heard my mother's voice.
She needed my help!
My parents are starting 
a new business: Sushiwereld
(= catering, parties, receptions,...)
and they asked me to take a few photos.
Because tomorrow they are planning
the real photo-shoot,...
and yes I will be the photographer :) !
So here are a few pictures I 
took today but they aren't perfect.
Hope you will like them!

( Marijke, Wendy, Myself, Yana and Silke) 

Photo of the day.

The perfect moment,...

I hope it still needs to pass me by.

22 April 2009

My art: Sushi-sticks.

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I don't have any
inspiration to write,
so I'm just posting a drawing
that I made a couple of months ago.
It was an example for a logo.
'And yes' my OWN hand was the model :)
Hope you like it!
Comment(+ as -) on my 
drawing-style is also welcome.

20 April 2009

Photo of the day.

It's like;
 I'm everything in the world,
but even so much more 
if you're with me.

16 April 2009

Architecture in California

Dearest Bloggers,

I have a secret to tell you.
You already knew that I love art.
So obviously, I love design and architecture.
If my career as actress doesn't work out
(let us hope it does) I want to do something with my creativity.
Maybe something with design, maybe with architecture 
or maybe with something else.
But at this moment I'm still going to school where I'm
still trying to behave myself.
Now lets stay with the subject.
This morning I was reading my usual magazine
and there were beautiful pictures of
amazing houses in California in it.
So while I was sitting there at our kitchen-table
I thought: I've found my dream house.
Here are some photos from magnificent houses in California.
You will be amazed!


15 April 2009

For one day Alice in Wonderland

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you 
could be Alice in Wonderland
just for ONE day?

John Galliano and Alexis Roche (Dior)
Jean Paul Gaultier  (Jean Paul Gaultier)
Donatella Versace and Rupert Everett (Versace)
Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren (Viktor&Rolf)
Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel)

Photo's by Annie Leibovitz

14 April 2009


Don't we all just want a Ray-Ban on our nose?

I do, without a doubt!

11 April 2009

My Honda Dax

Dearest Bloggers,

Today was kind of a special day for me.
My Honda Dax was finally ready to use.
(It's my early birthday gift)
This morning at 7 a.m. I called the shop
(Luc de Bondt) to hear if my Dax was ready.
And YES, I could come to 'collect' it.
It was quiet exciting cause I had been
waiting for sooooo long to see it.

The result was AMAZING!!!!
I had seen it before but then it wasn't finished.
So I was REALY happy that
 I finally could drive it home!

09 April 2009

Agyness Deyn

She's inspiring!


What do you think of Agyness Deyn?

08 April 2009


You know that feeling,
when you walk into a room
and all eyes are staring
in your direction?
Lips are bending
in different shapes,
forming words you
don't understand.
But you get it.
 Your head drops,
 quietly you walk away.
And you're asking
yourself the same
question over and over again:
"What's the point
of rumors if 
they aren't true?"

07 April 2009

My art: Famous by their smile.

Famous by their smile.

Am I not enough?

I am searching for you eyes
but you always avoid my look.
Staring right in front of you
like you are seeing
 somebody who isn't there.
Or at least somebody I can't see.

Someone I can not be.
Someone I will never be.

You take my hand
and we walk away.
But I know you're running
with that other person,
the one I can't see.

The one I can not be.
The one I will never be.

06 April 2009

Modern art on people.


Breath it
See it
Make it

Feel it


Imagine a life without limits.
Driving, walking, flying, swimming,
laughing, kissing, dancing, 
enjoying, drinking, traveling,
without an end.
Exploring every inch.
Having nothing to worry about.
Just YOU and the WORLD.
Living your life.

03 April 2009

Art is for everybody!

One of the best pop/graffiti art artists ever was Keith Haring. 
He tried to change the world with his paintings.
His thoughts were revolutionary!
With the message:
"Art needs to be for everybody"
he became a legend.
Haring died at the age of 32 (very young),
but his drawings are still very popular!
The 50th anniversary of iconic New York artist 
Keith Haring's birth
 was honored with a recreation of one of his murals 
on Bowery and Houston St. (see photo on top)
We may never forget that