30 May 2009

Eternal life.

I'm dying. 
Just like that.
Nothing to worry about.
Everybody dies sooner or later.
I'm dying.
 Every second a little bit more.
Nothing to do about.
Everybody knows it.
I just wished you would see it.

27 May 2009

In praise of dreams

In my dreams 
I paint 
like Vermeer van Delft
I speak fluent Greek
and not just with the living...

-Wislawa Szymborska-

25 May 2009

New HAIRcolor.

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I was thinking
that it was time 
you finally discovered 
 my 'new look'.
Like you have seen 
on my profile-photo
I had white hair.
But that has changed 
a week ago.
I went back to basic 
and let my hair-stylist 
color it chocolate-brown.

( the curls were for the prom-night at my school )

22 May 2009


You're not alive unless
you live.

19 May 2009

Fucked up world.

Words are flying around my head.
I can't catch them,
can't stop them.
I feel like I'm invisible.
Although they're ripping me apart.
I thought love meant forever.
Guess I was wrong.
No semper fi for them.

12 May 2009


Dearest Bloggers,

I uploaded a photo
from Deborah Harry,
the singer from Blondie.
A very famous group 
in the seventies!
I think Deborah Harry 
was a huge fashion-icon.
She invented a new style, 
and didn't care what 
people thought of her.
This picture gives an 
impression of her
attitude, which is the
same as mine; What 
the hell!

07 May 2009


I'm not the kind
of person who sits
in the corner of a room,
I'm the kind of
person where
everybody looks at.
I'm a person who takes
risks and is not afraid about
the consequences.
I'm the one that dreams
about things people don't understand.
I breath when everybody
stops breathing.

I'm the kind of person
that lives her life,...
maybe too much.

04 May 2009

Seventeen candles to blow out.

Dearest bloggers,

Today, the 5th of May 
I become 17.
So everybody is
invited to my virtual
birthday-party! XD

03 May 2009


Dearest Bloggers,

don't ask me why
but I just really like these photos!
I always have had a thing 
for Jackie and John.
And on these 
pictures they look so 'normal'.
So no-presidential.
You can almost hear Jackie 
say to her husband:
"Don't look so serious 
John, it doesn't suit you."