03 November 2009

Bad luck and my fortune cookie didn't warn me!

Hi dearest bloggers!!

How are you all doing?
At this very moment I'm sitting in a very comfortable chair
at a huge swimming pool in Miami (and yes I'm also seeing the beach
and the beautiful blue sea.) So I guess I'm doing pretty fine.
You guys must be thinking now: She is doing better then f*cking fine! 
Lying at a swiming pool with her lazy ass in the sun with a light breeze coming
from that beautiful blue sea. I would be thinking she is doing freaking-fucking- fantastic!!!
Her life is perfect. Well think again.
Three weeks ago I fell from my scooter and broke my wrist. And yes I'm sure you can already guess, it's in plaster! And beside that I also got something at my heart what makes my parents a over concerned! I'm sitting trapped like a bird in a golden cage!
And yes you all can laugh now...(Done already? I guess so.)
The only things I can do is lying in the sun, and actually I don't like tanning.
Go shopping, but believe me after 2 days I couldn't bare to see an other shop without vomiting !
Last but certainly not least, watching TV and I need to tell you that there is actually a lot of crap on it! Conclusion... it was just as boring as hell! So my life isn't as perfect after all. 
Cause in a perfect life everybody would drink champagne, party all night long, grab drugs like kids in a candy store and would certainly not have a broken wrist. No no, just kidding. I hope your vacation was better then mine!

29 October 2009


The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, 
when you are between asleep and awake, 
when you don't know the difference 
between reality and fantasy,
 when for just that one moment 
you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality,
 and it really happened.

10 October 2009

Your leg, my arm.

We lie together, twined in each others body, not knowing who's leg or arm it might be.
Her arms wrap around me as she kisses my golden hair. 
She smells like fresh lemons that just blossomed.
When she kisses my full ruby red lips I feel like I could die that very moment without carrying.
She has a spell on me and I can't quiet decode it.
I know that if I listen very hard, I can hear her even if is she's not in the same space as me.
I know that if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can taste her,
that if I look at the stars, I can see her, that if I glance away, I can smell those lemons
and that even if I do nothing at all, I can still feel her tremble against my skin.

I know that if I live, I must love her.


07 October 2009

My Amy

Dearest Bloggers,

I posted a work from my art-class at school.
I hope you like it.
The instruction was to create something
about a famous or regular person.
I took Amy and I don't know really why.
We don't have anything in common.
Except that we both smoke pot but that's it.
So just enjoy it and leave some comment please!
And if don't understand something about it just ask!

30 September 2009


Dearest Bloggers
I have a little question for you. Do you believe in karma? Well until this year I didn't, I just thought it was b*llshit! A lot of crap as I would say. But because we started this year studying philosophy in my Greek class, I said to myself-Lisa give it at chance, open your mind to it, maybe all that nonsense isn't as fake as you think it is- so that's what I did, I opened my mind and let Karma flow inside my head. Now we were a couple of weeks later and I still didn't see the point of it all. So what!! I don't need to believe everything my teacher says. But this weekend the strangest thing happened to me. (Here comes my weird story)
It was Friday-evening and I went with some of my friends to the theater. It was a great night and we decided that it was too beautiful to end. So we stopped at a local pub and drank some wine-beer. The mood was really good but one of my friends needed to go home it was already 12 o'clock and he was with his bike and probably needed an hour to get home. But for me the night was still young. Aram, a friend dropped me of at R&B. Where my other friends were waiting for me. Our night started and we got blasted . After a couple drinks I kissed the ex of a good friend of mine. What I didn't know was that my friend was still in love with that girl so I really screwed up big time and I was so angry at myself! Luckily it turned out well and we're still good friends, that doesn't mean that at the time I really felt bad about it. So when the night ended and I got home everything was still fine with me. But Saturday-afternoon I got ill,
very ill! The doctors said that I had a bacterial infection, and they couldn't find the cause of my illness. Believe me freely when I say that this was my punishment for my behavior Friday-night. I stayed in bed for 4 days, 4 f*cking days!! My friends know that is like hell itself for me!!!!!!!! Karma's a bitch! So if you ask me now if I believe in Karma, I will say without a doubt yes, no I will shout it, scream it of the rooftops!! God was laughing at me those four days I'm sure of it!!

24 September 2009


My favorite quote of the week and it will probably be my favorite for a very long time!

...mmm let's just go to the fucking part and skip the rest.

19 September 2009

Wrong Decision

"You loved me?"

"Of course I did."

"Then why did you leave me?"

"We left each other, remember."

"Yeah... Tell me again, why we did that."

"Because it was time."


"I still love you, you know."

"Mmm I know"

13 September 2009


I'm moving on; back to reality

To the place where there is no you and me

Just regrets about the things we never said

Things like

how much I loved you and how much you loved me

but most of all how much we loved each other

At least you can still escape to our dreams

I on the other hand am stuck in our reality. 

07 September 2009


It's like I'm locked up
in my head, trying to escape.
A prisoner 
inside my own body,
and your the guard
avoiding me to run away.
Thoughts of you are being played 
inside my soul. I'm going crazy,
cause the only thing
I can think about is you.
You're my drug 
and I need to face it,
I'm the addicted one.

04 September 2009

Take a look.

Look inside my heart
and you will find a secret place
reserved for you
and you alone...

Look inside my soul
and you will feel my love
washing in waves over every moment
of our sharing...

Look inside my thoughts
and you will see silver stars
dancing our names across the heavens...

Look inside my life
and you will know
that love has etched your name
on my very soul.

03 September 2009

Photography IV

Dearest bloggers,

I know it sounds boring 
but I have posted my 4th list 
of pictures I hope you like them!!
And again leave some comments please!!!

(All we need is a little hope)

(An angel)

(I have a dream)

(Number 32816)

(Rose, Jackie Kennedy)

(Stairway to heaven)

30 August 2009

My Photography III

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I have posted a 3th list
of pictures. I hope you like them!
I would probably call them: WE.
Don't forget to write your opinion!!
I really appreciate it!!

(Bali, To many)

(Dangerous Dragon)

(A rebellion)


(San Francisco, Happy)

(Easy Rider)


29 August 2009

My Photography II

Dearest Bloggers,

I have posted a second blog 
with photo's because you told 
me that I should do it more often
so I did my homework.
I still would like your opinion 
on my pictures also on the photo's in 
my first Photography blog.
Thank you!!

(Route 66, Mechanic books)

(On the road)
(Family diner)


(Grand Canyon, Lonely Rider)


28 August 2009

My Photography

You already knew that I'm 
into art. So no big surprise that 
I also love photography.
Here are some of my pictures
that I took al over the world.
I really would like you comment
on this blog, because your opinion 
on these pictures is important to me.
So start posting those personal touches!!

(Alcatraz, San Francisco)

(Colorful pavement)

(A squirrel)

(San Diego, The Kiss)

(My mother's aunt)

(Family drama)

(I love espresso!)

18 August 2009

A faded memory.

I remember the first time I noticed you.
Those dark brown eyes, where I could drown in forever,
blended with ice cold blue eyes, my eyes. 
I couldn't tear my gaze of you.
So stunning, that you were, but at the same time so fragile.
You smiled and I melted, right there in front of you.
My friends kept talking but I didn't hear them anymore, 
I was swallowed by your beauty. Drunk by your presence.
You crossed me and gave me one of your famous
come-to-bed-eyes-look. I couldn't help it and winked at you.
A smile appeared on your lips and suddenly you stiffened.
Fear lay in your chocolate brown eyes.
There he stood, slowly with big steps he walked to you.
His strong arms found your body.
A stroke of jealousy reached my heart.
It was supposed to be me. 
I was left alone with my babbling friends.
You turned around once and I could see you
wanted something more then those big strong arms.
Your look betrayed your feelings and still you followed him.
And now every time I see you, I think about this memory.
But that's all it is,
 a faded memory.

17 August 2009

Imagination isn't enough.

I'm tired of pretending,
tired of playing games.

It's just simply enough 
to say 
I love you.
It's true what you say 
I have changed. 
 Maybe that isn't such a bad thing.
 I feel you're special.
And this time
isn't enough.
At least not
for me.

05 August 2009

The Future.

Dearest Bloggers,

How are you all doing?
It has been a long time since I have 
posted a new blog.
And I know vacation isn't a good excuse.
But still I will use it.
Like you all know I have been to the U.S.A. for a month
so I was kind of busy there. Exploring new cities like
Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and much more!
The photo's will come later as well as the stories,
you all need to hear. 
But other things first. 
While is was on vacation I got an amazing idea.
I was thinking of creating a new blog. 
It's still evolving in my head but soon, probably September, 
you will get to check out my new blog. 
Not with life-stuff and all 
that other sh*t(excuse me for my language)
 but something that proofs that I'm
capable of doing something more 'useful' then just this.
I hope I've made you all a little bit curious. 
Now I'm leaving again
(don't make me feel guilty!)
I'm going to Boedapest with my best friend.
So see you all later!
Looking forward to it!


28 June 2009


Hiya Dearest Bloggers!!

First of all.
It's good to be back.
Even if it's just for a couple of days,
because I'm leaving Belgium this thursday.
the U.S.A is waiting for me.
But till then I'm still going
to write some blogs.
Here is the first one.

For every student it has been 
a horrible time, these past few weeks.
Studying, studying and again... studying.
But with result!
Because I got an A,
I'm going to my last year!!!!!!!!

Because my results were good,
I let my hair-dresser color my hair again.
This time it's blond.
I hope you like it!!

(Only the educated are free. -Epictetus-)

21 June 2009


I hate life-lessons 
especially if they come from you,
because I know your right.
The pointing fingers, the difficult words and 
the disappointing looks are just hateful,
especially those who come from you.
Cause I know you're right. I know it.
But at this point I really don't need 
your lessons, your comfort would just 
be enough for now. 
The life-lessons shall come later.

18 June 2009

Zoete Letters.

ik jouw woorden 
op mijn lippen.
Mijn tong
tast voorzichtig
de kantjes af.
om gesneden 
te worden.
Een bekende smaak 
uit het verleden
zich in mijn mond.
1 voor 1 
slik ik jouw letters in.
helemaal naar jou.

30 May 2009

Eternal life.

I'm dying. 
Just like that.
Nothing to worry about.
Everybody dies sooner or later.
I'm dying.
 Every second a little bit more.
Nothing to do about.
Everybody knows it.
I just wished you would see it.

27 May 2009

In praise of dreams

In my dreams 
I paint 
like Vermeer van Delft
I speak fluent Greek
and not just with the living...

-Wislawa Szymborska-

25 May 2009

New HAIRcolor.

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I was thinking
that it was time 
you finally discovered 
 my 'new look'.
Like you have seen 
on my profile-photo
I had white hair.
But that has changed 
a week ago.
I went back to basic 
and let my hair-stylist 
color it chocolate-brown.

( the curls were for the prom-night at my school )

22 May 2009


You're not alive unless
you live.

19 May 2009

Fucked up world.

Words are flying around my head.
I can't catch them,
can't stop them.
I feel like I'm invisible.
Although they're ripping me apart.
I thought love meant forever.
Guess I was wrong.
No semper fi for them.

12 May 2009


Dearest Bloggers,

I uploaded a photo
from Deborah Harry,
the singer from Blondie.
A very famous group 
in the seventies!
I think Deborah Harry 
was a huge fashion-icon.
She invented a new style, 
and didn't care what 
people thought of her.
This picture gives an 
impression of her
attitude, which is the
same as mine; What 
the hell!

07 May 2009


I'm not the kind
of person who sits
in the corner of a room,
I'm the kind of
person where
everybody looks at.
I'm a person who takes
risks and is not afraid about
the consequences.
I'm the one that dreams
about things people don't understand.
I breath when everybody
stops breathing.

I'm the kind of person
that lives her life,...
maybe too much.