13 August 2010


Dearest Bloggers,


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10 August 2010

I want...

Dearest Bloggers,

listen to the song when you are reading the blog.
I'm sure you will all understand and know the feeling.

Sometimes all I really want to do is sit beside you. I want to watch cheesy and crappy movies with you, and we will laugh at them togheter. I want to plan things with you, things we'll never do, but for some reason just planning them with you is fine with me. I want to talk to you about everything and anything. I want to goof around with you and make jokes that aren't funny but we'll laugh nonetheless.

I just want to fall in love with you over and over and maybe at one point we'll get tired of each other, but until then, I want you, and just you.

08 August 2010

New Ray-Ban look.

Let's have a new Ray-Ban look XD
your thoughts are always welcome.

06 August 2010

Two sorts of romantics.

“There are two sorts of romantics:

those who love, and those who love the adventure of loving”

(photo by Marc Lagrange)

05 August 2010

Rockstar 101

Dearest Bloggers,

Today I posted a videoclip of Rihanna,
called Rockstar 101.
Not because I thought that the melody was good, which
it is, but because I REALLY liked the clip.
Next year I wanne study film directing in Bruxelle
so I can make videoclips like this one.
Hope you enjoy it!!!

04 August 2010

New hair look!!!

My newest look.
Like Rihanna, in her clip; Te amo.
Shaved at the side
and short at the back
but long at the front.