03 November 2009

Bad luck and my fortune cookie didn't warn me!

Hi dearest bloggers!!

How are you all doing?
At this very moment I'm sitting in a very comfortable chair
at a huge swimming pool in Miami (and yes I'm also seeing the beach
and the beautiful blue sea.) So I guess I'm doing pretty fine.
You guys must be thinking now: She is doing better then f*cking fine! 
Lying at a swiming pool with her lazy ass in the sun with a light breeze coming
from that beautiful blue sea. I would be thinking she is doing freaking-fucking- fantastic!!!
Her life is perfect. Well think again.
Three weeks ago I fell from my scooter and broke my wrist. And yes I'm sure you can already guess, it's in plaster! And beside that I also got something at my heart what makes my parents a over concerned! I'm sitting trapped like a bird in a golden cage!
And yes you all can laugh now...(Done already? I guess so.)
The only things I can do is lying in the sun, and actually I don't like tanning.
Go shopping, but believe me after 2 days I couldn't bare to see an other shop without vomiting !
Last but certainly not least, watching TV and I need to tell you that there is actually a lot of crap on it! Conclusion... it was just as boring as hell! So my life isn't as perfect after all. 
Cause in a perfect life everybody would drink champagne, party all night long, grab drugs like kids in a candy store and would certainly not have a broken wrist. No no, just kidding. I hope your vacation was better then mine!