10 October 2009

Your leg, my arm.

We lie together, twined in each others body, not knowing who's leg or arm it might be.
Her arms wrap around me as she kisses my golden hair. 
She smells like fresh lemons that just blossomed.
When she kisses my full ruby red lips I feel like I could die that very moment without carrying.
She has a spell on me and I can't quiet decode it.
I know that if I listen very hard, I can hear her even if is she's not in the same space as me.
I know that if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can taste her,
that if I look at the stars, I can see her, that if I glance away, I can smell those lemons
and that even if I do nothing at all, I can still feel her tremble against my skin.

I know that if I live, I must love her.



  1. spellbinding words, and i LOVE that pic, so very red!

  2. MooiMooi!
    Blijve schrijve, tis altij tof iets nieuws te leze!!! =)
    Ha, en deze keer begreep ik alle woordjes, maar toch wordt mijn test Engels een ramp morge!!!
    en en GO GREECE!

  3. Mijn allerliefste ♥Lisa♥,
    Adembenemend prachtig. Ik verlang er hevig naar je goudblonde haar te mogen kussen
    Heetste kusjes en strelingen,
    Je dolverliefde deviante vriendin

    Toffe muziek ;)

  4. Love the bit with lemons... Im Greek..
    We love anything lemon...
    You are very interesting...
    Loves and Lusts and Passions.

  5. you may have been.......... watercolored.