16 April 2009

Architecture in California

Dearest Bloggers,

I have a secret to tell you.
You already knew that I love art.
So obviously, I love design and architecture.
If my career as actress doesn't work out
(let us hope it does) I want to do something with my creativity.
Maybe something with design, maybe with architecture 
or maybe with something else.
But at this moment I'm still going to school where I'm
still trying to behave myself.
Now lets stay with the subject.
This morning I was reading my usual magazine
and there were beautiful pictures of
amazing houses in California in it.
So while I was sitting there at our kitchen-table
I thought: I've found my dream house.
Here are some photos from magnificent houses in California.
You will be amazed!



  1. Ik kom dan wel bij jou wonen <3

  2. Wanneer zie ik u nog eens?

  3. Liefste♥ Lisa♥ in Wonderland,
    Ja terug van Profondeville, en ik heb goed nieuws voor je:
    En daar komt nog meer in de volgende dagen. :)
    Veel succes met ♥Nikki♥ Tot de 24ste is dat niet lang?
    Heel lieve groetjes,
    Je vriendin Nadia

  4. Hiya Nadia,

    hoe graag ik ook zou
    willen heb geen tijd vrij
    voor de 24ste.
    Gelukkig is dit niet lang meer.

    FACTORYgirl x