18 August 2009

A faded memory.

I remember the first time I noticed you.
Those dark brown eyes, where I could drown in forever,
blended with ice cold blue eyes, my eyes. 
I couldn't tear my gaze of you.
So stunning, that you were, but at the same time so fragile.
You smiled and I melted, right there in front of you.
My friends kept talking but I didn't hear them anymore, 
I was swallowed by your beauty. Drunk by your presence.
You crossed me and gave me one of your famous
come-to-bed-eyes-look. I couldn't help it and winked at you.
A smile appeared on your lips and suddenly you stiffened.
Fear lay in your chocolate brown eyes.
There he stood, slowly with big steps he walked to you.
His strong arms found your body.
A stroke of jealousy reached my heart.
It was supposed to be me. 
I was left alone with my babbling friends.
You turned around once and I could see you
wanted something more then those big strong arms.
Your look betrayed your feelings and still you followed him.
And now every time I see you, I think about this memory.
But that's all it is,
 a faded memory.


  1. Allerliefste Lisa♥
    Prachtig, zo prachtig, zo'n talent, ik bewonder je. Verder zelfde commentaar als gisteren!
    Ontdek nu ook de dichteres http://themwordpoetry.blogspot.com
    Newark, NJ da’s niet niks. Follow her!
    Je vriendin Nadja

  2. Jaa amai, der staan zelfs woorde tusse da ik ni eens ken! Maarja, mijn Engels...
    Nee echt mooi mooi!
    Ik wil nog eens een happy gedicht!
    Maar dit is ook een goei hoor, maar ik hou meer van happy gedichtjes!(Wa ben ik weer aant zevere!):D


  3. hello Factory Girl... found you at Nikkis place, just dropping over to say "Hi"