05 August 2009

The Future.

Dearest Bloggers,

How are you all doing?
It has been a long time since I have 
posted a new blog.
And I know vacation isn't a good excuse.
But still I will use it.
Like you all know I have been to the U.S.A. for a month
so I was kind of busy there. Exploring new cities like
Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and much more!
The photo's will come later as well as the stories,
you all need to hear. 
But other things first. 
While is was on vacation I got an amazing idea.
I was thinking of creating a new blog. 
It's still evolving in my head but soon, probably September, 
you will get to check out my new blog. 
Not with life-stuff and all 
that other sh*t(excuse me for my language)
 but something that proofs that I'm
capable of doing something more 'useful' then just this.
I hope I've made you all a little bit curious. 
Now I'm leaving again
(don't make me feel guilty!)
I'm going to Boedapest with my best friend.
So see you all later!
Looking forward to it!


1 comment:

  1. Allerliefste Lisa♥
    Wat een vreugde je weer te mogen lezen, Liefste! Je maakt me heel nieuwsgierig naar het relaas van je ontdekkingen en belevenissen en de foto’s van je US trip en misschien nog meer naar je geplande nieuwe blog. Tot september dat is niet zo lang meer. Geniet nu maar eerst volop van je reis naar Budapest met je beste vriendin. Je had gerust haar naam kunnen schrijven.
    Ik ben je overigens zéér dankbaar want ik heb dank zij jou een fijne uitwisseling met vriendin Ilona, een echt tof meisje.
    Hete kusjes,
    Je deviante vriendin