29 June 2010

All you need is love.

Dearest bloggers,

I'm posting my latest work, called 'All you need is love.' inspired on the famous song from the Beatles. The instruction from my teacher was: Do something with puzzles. So I began thinking and began drawing fruit with a double meaning.
  • A cherry: Double pleasure
  • A 'green' banana: So young and so hard
  • A peach: Mmm juicy
  • A pear: Nothing is what it seems
  • An apple: Bloody heart
These drawings refer to love or sex. And together they all form LOVE.

I hope you like it. My teacher did.


  1. I love it, and goddamn, I love you. Can't wait to have you in my arms. For a long, long time I hope. <3 Crazy on you.

  2. Liefste Lisa,
    Tof! Je hebt het talent van Andy Warhol PLUS een fantastische eigene vindingrijkheid. De Beatles hoorde ik vroeger ook graag,bijna alles van hen, Rolling Stones daartegen heb ik steeds verfoeid ;) Mijn melodie van de dag is "Living next door to Alice". Mijn lievelingsband was/is BANGLES (Eternal Flame), dat begrijp je best.
    Kusjes. Zonnige groeten,