11 June 2010

A cliché crush (part 1)

The bell rang, Professor Delany was already in her classroom.
First day of a new school-year she thought. I'm sure the students will be late. She had to admit that she had been a little late herself. She hadn't heard that damn alarm, and was left with only half an hour to get ready. Her shower was rather quick and luckily she had packed her books yesterday evening, so she still had time to drink her divine coffee.

Finally the students strolled inside the class. Some of them looked tired from their last party, others scared because it was their first day at the University. Delany was sure that most of them knew about her reputation. She was known for her strictness and her bossy attitude.

When she saw that most of the pupils sat down, Delany clapped her hands. ' Good morning everybody, I'm sure you all would rather be somewhere else then in this classroom, but I need to disappoint you.' She saw the faces of her students drop and they began muttering.' Quiet folks,' she said. ' I'm sure we will get along quite well if you obey my rules. First of all...'

Suddenly a blonde young woman entered. Her cheeks were flushed which made her look adorable. Why is it that always the pretty girls come to late, she thought.
' Well good morning to you too, miss...'
' Miss Harrovian,' the girl spoke. ' I was just explaining to your fellow students, that we will just get along if you all obey my rules,' the professor replied sharply. She still wasn't over her bad mood from this morning. ' So how does it come that even on the first day you manage to break one of these rules?'

All students were quiet and if somebody would have dropped a needle, you would have been able to hear it. The beautiful woman who was still standing in the entrance was paralyzed. Her ice blue eyes were flaming with rage and when Delany just wanted to restart her lesson, she said: ' Because nobody has told me your rules.'

' Miss Harrovian, you can stay after class.'
With that said professor Delany began her lesson. She could tell, that the tall blonde would cause problems.

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