13 June 2010

A cliché crush (part 2)

It just needed to happen to her, didn't it? Coming too late on her first day at the University, just when she had her most important lesson of that day, philosophy.

Everything would have gone according to plan as her ex-girlfriend wouldn't have been standing at her door. Crying like a complete lunatic. Screaming that she wanted Elize back, that she loved her, and a lot of other poetic and lovesick crap.

Elize Harrovian wasn't the romantic type. She loved to pick up girls, sway them, share a bed with them and leave them there the next day. But sometimes she came across girls that wanted more then just a wild night. She tried to avoid them though this time she clearly hadn't seen it coming.

So here she was sitting, annoyed about her morning and angry at professor Delany. Had it really been necessary to make such a fuss about the fact that she had been 10 minutes too late in front of the whole class? Elize had certainly made an impression with the answer she had given her professor. Unfortunately not the right one. She and her big mouth were never a good combination.

For the second time this day, the bell rang. Elize remained at her bench while the other students fled out of the classroom.
Professor Delany and she were the only ones left. The blonde was actually a fan of her teacher, she admired her works. Kate Delany had written several theories about philosophy and Elize had read them all. And the older woman had been the reason for her to study this subject.

Calmly Kate walked towards her pupil. She took a chair and placed it in front of the girl. Silence dominated, neither of them spoke, they just stared at each other. I have never seen such shade of blue,so intense, Elize though when she looked into her professors eyes. The spell broke when Delany spoke;' Well miss Harrovian, care to explain why you were too late?'

'It's kinda personal, Professor' Elize answered not wanting to explain her love-life to her teacher.

'Alright you don't need to tell me, but make sure it won't happen again. I don't like waiting.' Kate replied a lot less angry then she had been an hour ago. 'Now, go, you should have already been at your next class!'

'I will go, and sorry Professor Delany about the delay, it won't happen again.' she said when she stood up and reached her hand to Kate. Delany grabbed the elegant fingers. Suddenly a little shock passed between them, both let go and wide blue eyes met each other.

The moment passed when one of Elize's friends called her. 'Bye,' she said before she ran away.
Delany was still standing at the same spot. She wondered what just had happened. I will need to keep an eye on that girl, that's for sure, Kate pondered.

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