16 June 2010

A cliché crush (part 3)

Three months had passed by and the exams came closer each day.

Elize was worried, it wasn't that she hadn't studied but it hadn't been her number one priority.There had always been something more important than her courses. Naturally she needed to catch up with everything. And that was a lot. Especially psychology was becoming a problem. The subject material became larger each lesson hour and she didn't had a clue what it was all about. The blonde was in without a doubt in trouble.

It was time Elize took some action. If she was lucky, she would find Professor Delany in her office working.

Yes, the light in the room was still lit so she knocked on the door. Patiently she waited until she heard ' Come in.'

Behind a wooden desk sat Kate, she was still editing questions for the Christmas exams and Elize thought she looked absolutely beautiful. Because of the faint light her auburn hair glowed and although Delany was tired, you could notice that her blue eyes were shining with joy.

Kate looked up from behind her glasses. 'What can I do for you miss Harrovian?' she asked politely.

If Elize had been perplex about the fact that her teacher wore glasses than she certainly didn't show it. 'Well Professor,' she said. 'Lately I'm having some trouble with psychology. I just don't get it and I'm really worried that I won't pass my exam. So I was wondering if you could please help me.'

Mmm she isn't a star-pupil after all, Delany thought. ' Could you please be a little more specific. Which part is it that you don't understand?'

She saw that the girl was hesitating while shuffling in front of her desk. 'Actually everything,' Elize whispered infamous.

Professor Delany hadn't seen that coming, she had always been under the impression that the tall blonde understood everything. Miss Harrovian was one of the few of those who attended her class each day. She never skipped one.

Delany observed the girl and noticed that she was embarrassed, not daring to look at her.

'What I'm gonna propose now, I've have never done before. But I can see you really need some help.' Elize's head popped up.

After taking a deep breath Kate said, 'Let's make appointment for a private lesson.'

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